One Like at a Time

Numerous companies, organization, and affiliation groups have a Facebook page that is dedicated to increasing communication with their target market. The only method to track the number of individuals that have been on a particular Facebook page is by looking at the number of “Likes” on the page. Facebook provides its users with a total number of Likes for each page. This number resembles the individuals that “Like” the page and are therefore promoting the business or organization.
Here are some tactics that have proven to be successful in increasing awareness of Facebook pages and accomplishing the goal of getting more fans to Like your page. 
The following are helpful ways to enhance your company’s presence on Facebook:
  • Use Facebook as Page: in the upper right corner of Facebook, there is a drop down menu. The first option allows you to “Use Facebook as Page”. By enabling this option, you may enable one, being yourself or other administrator(s) of the page, to interact on Facebook as the company or organization and not a certain individual’s personal Facebook page. By doing so, the company’s profile picture is displayed and everything that is posted is coming directly from the perspective of the company.
  • Participate: visit pages, including other Facebook pages, which discuss similar topics and relevant information to your company. While visiting, be sure to leave comment or share information on the topic being discussed. By reaching out to other pages you are increasing the likelihood of being recognized by an audience that you may not have been able to interact with.
  • Promote: there are numerous ways to promote your page using different tools that are available to you. One way to do so is by creating competitions and providing new users, who Like your company’s page, with incentives. Many companies offer coupons, promotional products, or even something as simple exclusive tips to those who Like their page. You must be sure that people are aware of your promotion, which brings us to the following tactic, Fan Gate.
  • Fan Gate: this feature asks for visitors of your company’s page to Like the page before being able to access any of the information. By encouraging users to Like the page, by providing them with promotional product or providing them with discounts, a company can increase the possibility of its page being Liked. Here is an example of the Fan Gate feature being used:

For instructions on how to use this feature please visit:

  • Share: a great tool for promoting your page and getting more people to visit the page is by word-of-mouth. Create incentives for those that have already Liked your page to “bring in” more Likes. For example, message all of the individuals that have Liked your page and notify them that whoever gets 30 of their Facebook friends to Like your page and tags their friend’s name on the wall get a discount on their next purchase. 
According to research, the tactics listed above have played a role in improving the likelihood of growing the number of Likes of a company’s Facebook page.


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