Go Ahead, Take a Bite

Some of you may have overheard me brag about Apple and its products throughout the years of being in contact with me. Okay, I admit, I have been using Apple products ever since I was 4 and that is one of the reasons why I prefer a Mac over anything else. However, there are dozens of other reasons for my preference, many of which you might have had experience with. Some of the traits that Apple possesses within its company are

  • Customer service
  • Simplicity for users
  • Innovative products
  • and of course, marketing

Now, many of my friends and people that I have met in my life claim that they prefer a PC (piece of crap) over Macs. I have no problem with that, as you can see. Yet, even those who I have met with who show hatred towards Apple, cannot sit there and tell me that Apple’s marketing is not absolutely genius. I tried so hard not to start writing about Apple (this being my second post) but I find it difficult to stop myself from seeing the image of a bitten apple, in my thoughts, when I think of marketing.

So, why am I bringing this up today? If you have been keeping up with the news recently, you could not have missed Nokia suing Apple, once again, for “patent infringement”. Patents are a set of exclusive rights that the government gives to an inventor or company who does not want others to have access to their invention(s). Such laws were highly enforced in the 18th century in America when monopolies were seen as threats to the country (Rockefeller and Carnegie). In 1790, the U.S. Congress passed the Patent Act enforcing this law. Ever since then companies have been suing one another left and right when their patents are thought to be “infringed” by other companies or persons.

Nokia is the world’s biggest mobile phone maker, hands down.Apple has been “taking a bite” out of Nokia’s sells due to its enormous sales of the iPhone. Nokia and Apple have been going through a series of lawsuits for a while now but when I read this in the news, I found it worth to discuss due to this quote, “The Nokia lawsuit came on the day Apple announced that its iPad tablet computer will go on sale in nine countries outside the US on 28 May (BBC News)”. I am not sure of this but I wonder if Nokia is trying to stop Apple from further growing because you and I both know that the iPad is going to be just like the iPod when it came to the market. The iPad has already sold more than one million units in one month in the U.S.

Now that the iPad is being introduced to nine other countries, it will definitely “bite” other company’s sales. Also, if Nokia can get Apple to start spending more time on lawsuits and less time on innovation, Nokia might have a chance at growing itself as company.

I respect Nokia 100% for suing Apple because if Apple has used technology, which Nokia has patented, then the government must show discipline towards Apple’s actions. By the way, suing in the technology industry for patent infringements is quite common and “often end with some kind of licensing agreement (BBC)” between the companies. Now, going back to the marketing portion of this post, how did Apple sell so many iPhones and iPads in such a small amount of time? There is only one answer to that question, and everyone who I have spoken to agrees, it is a tool used by Apple in its most superb way, marketing!




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