The Blue Bird

What comes to your mind when you hear someone say Twitter? I don’t know about you but whenever I hear Twitter I think of the little blue bird. As you may already know, this blog’s main concentration is on business and in particular marketing. Twitter was launched in 2006 and from what I remember, as a person who is pretty involved with the Internet and technology related news, the term “Twitter” was being used on the radio, television, Internet, and day to day conversations somewhere in early 2007. The point I’m trying to make is after one year of launching an internet-based company, Twitter was able to fit itself in with other social networking websites such as Myspace and Facebook.
I am almost positive that Twitter never showed an advertisement on TV or through the radio, yet with reaching out to celebrities, professional athletes, news agencies, etc. Twitter was able to become a word used frequently in today’s society. Tons of companies exist throughout the world and many of them concentrate on one country or a particular group of people. The founders of this company did not put limits on their market or try to come up with one specific group of people. Their market was human beingsand that meant that anyone in the world who had access to the Internet was their customer. One might think, okay, well the founders of this company probably had lots of background and experience of the Internet business and also invested lots of money into coming up with the idea of creating Twitter. The three founders of Twitter are all typical men, now in their 30’s, who had an idea of instant communication between people.

At first when I opened a Twitter account I found it quite useless to tell you the truth. However, I began seeing that without Twitter paying a penny for advertising, everyone was talking about this website and also, it began to appear on TV; for example, on ESPN. So, once again, I went to and I created another account, I began posting messages and recommended few of my friends to join the website. In time, I had a small group of individuals who I was connected with throughout the day. As time passed, I became bored and stopped using Twitter because I, personally, did not have many affiliates that used Twitter to stay in touch with me on a daily basis. So, I thought maybe I should start adding people who are interested in subjects that I find worthy of discussing. I found people who shared my opinion yet at the same time many individuals that had dissimilar point of views; thus, my Twitter usage grew drastically.

Going back to marketing for Twitter, I am still not sure about how a company can perform such a difficult job without even really doing anything. I am sure the founders of Twitter had ideas of how to market their company, if not then they must be really lucky to be working for a company with a revenue of $400,000 a quarter (Q3 of 2009). Also, the costs of this company are very manageable, with 141 employees, numerous computers, and people-based marketing (word of mouth) it is clear why.
Now that you have read this article, I would like to have your opinion. What was key for Twitter’s success? I’ll give you a hint, this “key” to success was open for public use in the 1990’s!


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