How A Brawl Can Affect Demand and Supply

iPhone 5: five million units sold in 3 days!

As you surely know by now, Apple began selling the iPhone 5 earlier this week which has already been a huge hit throughout the United States. Although the new iPhone has not sold in other countries, many are anxiously waiting to purchase it. For example, the “black market” for the technology industry has been showing signs of growth in the last few years due to the convenience of getting products overseas. Many of us have friends or acquaintances that have either considered or in fact purchased mobile phones, such as the iPhone, in the US and transferred the product to another country to sell for a profit. The iPhone has set a new sales record, once again, due to selling more than 5 million units in 3 days, according to Rushe. Continue reading “How A Brawl Can Affect Demand and Supply”