PC Sales Drop, Here Come the New Tablets

As you may know, PC (personal computers, both Apple and Windows operating systems) sales have dropped for the first time in 11 years and companies like Intel, “the world’s biggest chipmaker by revenues, said it was slowing production at its factories as orders from PC makers fall” (Financial Times). Intel is the world’s largest and highest valued semiconductor chip maker. Intel has been leading the way in innovation, and supplies most of the world’s desktops and laptops with its processors, as well as other related parts (e.g. motherboards, adapters, boards). The poor economy is one of the many reasons for this but in my opinion, there’s a bigger and more important reason for the drop in PC sales – introduction and the maturing market of tablets and smartphones. Continue reading “PC Sales Drop, Here Come the New Tablets”


Apple and the product life cycle

The more I learn about the product life cycle and try to imagine which companies choose to stay in a specific stage, the more I think of Apple.

I get a sense that Apple is doing so well do to always keeping itself in the introduction and growth stages. The introduction stage of this company is obvious, such as coming out with the original iPhone, iPad, or iPod! Continue reading “Apple and the product life cycle”