Apple and the product life cycle

The more I learn about the product life cycle and try to imagine which companies choose to stay in a specific stage, the more I think of Apple.

I get a sense that Apple is doing so well do to always keeping itself in the introduction and growth stages. The introduction stage of this company is obvious, such as coming out with the original iPhone, iPad, or iPod! However, as the growth stage is concerned, Apple has continued to shows signs of keeping its products in this stage and sort of “moving them backwards” Imageif you were to think of the product life cycle. What I mean by that is instead of letting its products move into the maturity stage, it keeps on coming out with new features, improving product quality, or improving technology and styles of its products.

Here’s a perfect example of what I’m talking about. Yesterday, October 23, Apple made an announcement in which multiple new products (existing products with new features and/or sizes) were introduced. For instance, the new highly expected iPad Mini finally made its debut. Another great example of Apple not allowing a specific product to fall into the mature stage of the product life cycle is the new iMac.

A lot of people are going to be talking about the new iPad Mini due to the market share of Samsung tablets growing, increasing interest of consumers in the tablet industry, and the overall hype of competition, especially in the United States. However, today, I was most impressed with the new iMac. I cannot wait for this product to hit the Apple Store. ImageI tell ya, I truly want to go and look at this piece of art! The entire monitor (which is pretty much the whole computer – hardware) has a width of 5 mm. Do you understand how small 5 mm is? If you don’t then maybe you should take out a ruler, hope you can find one around your house these days, and see for yourself.

Okay, enough about me going on a tangent about how small 5 mm is. So, instead of Apple allowing its MacBook, iPad, iMac, iPod, iPhone, iThis, iThat, iDK…to fall into the mature market, they instead introduce newer models with improved features to make sure their products remain in the growth/intro market – BRILLIANT. I only say it’s brilliant because there’s been 6 iPhones, there’s been 8 iMacs (including eMacs, which was actually the first Apple desktop I owned), 538 new iPods, and so forth.Image

The more I learn about marketing, the more simple things seem to get. I guess the only message I’m trying to give here, which is quite a simple message, is:

Stick to the basics. Stay hungry. Stay foolish.


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