PC Sales Drop, Here Come the New Tablets

As you may know, PC (personal computers, both Apple and Windows operating systems) sales have dropped for the first time in 11 years and companies like Intel, “the world’s biggest chipmaker by revenues, said it was slowing production at its factories as orders from PC makers fall” (Financial Times). Intel is the world’s largest and highest valued semiconductor chip maker. Intel has been leading the way in innovation, and supplies most of the world’s desktops and laptops with its processors, as well as other related parts (e.g. motherboards, adapters, boards). The poor economy is one of the many reasons for this but in my opinion, there’s a bigger and more important reason for the drop in PC sales – introduction and the maturing market of tablets and smartphones.

I remember when tablets were first introduced to the market and people wondered if they would ever be used. In the beginning, when the iPad was introduced, people made comments such as, “Why would you need a tablet when you have a phone and a computer?” or “It’s just a bigger iPhone”. Although, I was also skeptical about why people would need such a device, I knew that once again, innovation would do its best to change the behavior of consumers and change the way we live. Thus, the smartphone users grew “exponentially” and tablets became a common gadget and consumers started purchasing more of these devices. Therefore, other companies noticed the growing number of users and began to introduce their own models. Here is a graph showing the percentage of market share for tablets (PCWorld):

Tablet market share

This last week alone, there were three new tablets introduced to the US market: iPad mini, Microsoft’s Surface, and Google’s Nexus 10. The following is a comparison of the 3 new tablets that were introduced this past week.

Nexus 10

iPad mini


Dimensions (inches) 6.99 x 10.35 x 0.35 7.87 x 5.3 x 0.28 RT:
10.81 x 6.77 x 0.37
Windows 8:
10.81 x 6.81 x .53
 Weight (grams) 603 308, 312 (Cellular)  RT: 680 Windows 8:
 Screen Size and Resolution 10,1″ LED
2560×1660 at
300 pixels/inch (ppi)
7.9″ LED
1024×768 at

163 ppi
RT: 10.6″
at 208 ppi
Windows 8:
 Hard Drive Capacity (GB) 16, 32 16, 32, 64 RT: 32, 64Windows 8: 64, 128
WiFi, Cellular, and Bluetooth Wi-Fi,
Bluetooth 4.0, NFC
4G LTE (Cellular), Bluetooth 4.0
Bluetooth 4.0Windows 8:
4G LTE (Cellular)
 Operating System Android’s 4.2
Jelly Bean
iOS 6 Windows RT Windows 8
Processor 1.7 GHz Dual-core
Exynos 5 – 5250
Dual-core A5, 1 GHz RT: Quad-core
NVIDIA Tegra 3
Windows 8: Intel
Core i5 (Ivy Bridge)
 Battery Life 9 hours of video playback,
7 hours for Web browsing,

500 hours of standby time
Up to 10 hours of
surfing the

web on Wi-Fi,
watching video,
or listening to music
RT: 8 hours
Cameras (megapixels) Front: 1.9MP Back: 5MP, LED flash Front: 1.2MP,
video 720 HD
Back: 5MP, video
(1080 HD, tap to

focus while recording)
Front: 720p HDBack: 720p HD
 Most unique features according to me Multiple user accounts, NFC,
HDMI output, Google+ Hangouts,

syncing with all
Google services,
Google Maps
FaceTime on cellular,
apps, design, iOS

cellular connectivity
oleophobic coating to help reduce fingerprints
MS Office 

microSD card 
Touch Cover 
Type Cover
 Price (USD) 399, 499 Wi-Fi: 329, 429, 529Wi-Fi + Cellular: 459, 559, 659 

RT: 499

Windows 8:

Keep in mind that the iPad mini shouldn’t be compared to the Surface or the Nexus 10 because it’s much smaller and therefore has lower capabilities. The table above is just a comparison between the three newly introduced tablets. Yet if one wanted to decide on which tablet to purchase, he/she should compare the Surface, Nexus 10, and iPad 4 (Mashable Tech). From the trends, it seems like desktops and laptops will slowly disappear while smartphones and tablets continue to grow. What other types of devices do you think will come out next to replace smartphones and tablets? (e.g. Google’s Project Glass).

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