Intel: Going Out of Business!

Did you hear, Intel may be going out of business soon?

The graph here shows the stock prices of Intel Corp. in the last 6-months…not looking too good. intel, stocks, intel corp.Although, the poor economy has not helped any company in the last few years or so, even technology companies that are continuously innovating and have high demand for, in the case of Intel, the poor economy isn’t the only issue. The most important factor of Intel’s falling stock prices is the company’s main production strategy in regards to microprocessors. Continue reading “Intel: Going Out of Business!”


Biggest Shopping Weekend: 2012 Thanksgiving

According to multiple sources, Thanksgiving Weekend has the potential of being the biggest shopping weekend of the year. This is because of such consumer shopping behavior, which is based on Thanksgiving Sales, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, etc.

black friday, thanksgiving sales, consumer spending

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